Submit Your Game

How to Submit Your Game to

Here are our game requirements:

  • The game must be HTML5, capable of mobile and desktop play
  • The game must be non-violent
  • The game must be kid friendly with NO inappropriate language or content of any kind
  • The game must not have excessive advertising
  • Outlinks must be kept at a minimum

If we like your game, we may also be interested to purchase a non-exclusive or exclusive license to host it on For these games, we also require:

  • The game must be free of advertising
  • The game must be free of any and all external links
  • The game must be free of any stats counter that links back to you

Improve the chances of us publishing your game by:

  • Providing good content meeting the requirements above
  • Adding the logo

To submit a game, please contact us at [email protected] with all relevant details.