Basket Ball

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Game Description

Get ready to test your skills in “Basket Ball”! In this awesome game, you’ll be controlling the path of a basketball as it makes its way down through a maze of platforms. Your job is to position these platforms just right so the ball can bounce its way to the basketball hoop waiting at the bottom. It’s all about using gravity and angles to your advantage. So, roll up your sleeves, adjust those platforms, and aim for the perfect shot! Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate “Basket Ball” champ!

Game Instructions

Hey there, future “Basket Ball” pro! Ready to dive into the action? Here’s how to play: Hit the play arrow button to kick things off, then pick your level. Once you’re in, it’s all about those rotating platforms – get them in just the right spots! When you’re set, click within the dotted yellow box to send that basketball on its way. Your mission? Score that ball into the hoop! Keep at it, level after level, until you nail that perfect shot and move on up. Good luck, and let’s see those skills in action!