Strategy Games

Want to play strategy games? Are you up for the challenge? Safe Kid Games has the best selection for all ages that will test your mastermind skills! You’ll have a blast building pyramids, playing a strategic game of pool, stack jumping, configuring gems and much more with our free online games.


What is a Strategy Game?

Strategy games are all about focus, skill, and planning your next move. The ultimate critical thinking challenge! If you make the wrong move, your game can be over, or in other instances, you must adapt your strategy if it’s the wrong move and continue to crush the game!


What are the best strategy games?

Some of the best strategy games can be found here at Safe Kid Games. One of the most played games is Plumber. You must use your critical thinking skills to figure out how to help the plumber build his pipe for the water to flow before the sewer overflows! There are many twists and turns, and you must think ahead to your next move when building the pipe before time runs out. Build a working pipe and you will move onto the next challenge.


Another fun game takes quick thinking and skill. Stick Monkey is easy to learn and fun to play, but you must focus and act quickly to master the game. Monkey needs your help to make it through his adventures. Thankfully he has a handy stretchy stick, but YOU need to decide how far to stretch it from barrier to barrier. One wrong move and and monkey tumbles. This highly addicting game will always have you coming back to defeat!


If you like Ping Pong, you’re gonna love Super PonGoal. In this fast-paced game, you must always be thinking ahead to your next move while always keeping an eye on the ball. The goal is two-fold, defend your field against the incoming ball, and score your shot into your competitor’s field. You can further tailor your game. You can choose your sport, level of difficulty, and time. You can choose to play against a friend or the computer. Score!