Bubble Shooter Games

Welcome to Bubble Shooter games at Safe Kid Games! Here you will find the best selection of popular games to play. These games can be played on your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. Tap the PLAY FULL SCREEN button on each individual game page for distraction-free gaming. Aim, shoot, and pop your way to a super fun time with our cool HTML5 games.


What is a Bubble Shooter game?

A Bubble Shooter game is a fun, single-player puzzle game that resembles the retro arcade game Puzzle Bobble from the 90’s. No matter the game, the easy to learn format is the same: aim, shoot, burst! These type of games take strategic skills and logic to master, but are easy to learn and fun for everyone.

How do you play a Bubble Shooter game?

Bubble Shooter games will have a collection of colorful bubbles hanging at the top of the playing screen. Depending on the game you choose, the bubbles could be a selection of apples, marbles, jewels, and more. At the bottom of the screen, a select colorful bubble will appear. Aim the colorful bubble to a cluster of identical matching ones. It must be a group of 3 or more to “pop” or “burst” the cluster. The more bubbles you burst in one shot, the more points you earn! Continue this pattern as the colorful bubbles appear. You must be quick! If the hanging colorful bubbles reach the bottom, your game is over.

What are the best Bubble Shooter games?

Bubble Shooter games are so much fun that it’s almost impossible to pick our favorite! Here are a few of our best games here at Safe Kid Games:

If desserts are your jam, Happy Chef Bubble Shooter is for you! The chef is preparing yummy desserts and needs your help to decide which ones to bake first. Aim and shoot desserts as quickly as you can. Get 3 or more matching dessert clusters to add them to the list!

Another favorite is Professor Bubble. The professor’s secret formula is out of control and he needs your help to capture the bubbles! Aim and shoot as quickly as you can. Get 3 or more matching bubbles in a row to make them POP! But be quick, if your bubbles reach the dotted line, your outta luck!

If you’re a creature fanatic, you’ll have a froggy good time with Frog Super Bubbles! Aim and shoot tadpoles from the cannon as quickly as you can. Get a cluster of 3 or more matching tadpoles to make them POP! But be quick, if your bubbles reach the rope, your froggy good time is over.