Four Colors

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Game Description

Welcome to the classic card game of Four Colors! In this fun and colorful game of strategy, play this game just like you would if your were playing a card game with your family or friends. Be the first player to run out of cards and select “1” when you have one card left to WIN!

Game Instructions

Tap or click the arrow to START. Select to play against 1 to 3 computer “players.” Click the arrow to go through a few simple tips and instructions:

  • ACTION cards will mix the game up!
  • “Draw 2” card forces the next player to pick two cards and forfeit at turn.
  • “Skip” card skips the next player.
  • “Reverse” card switches the the game order.
  • “Wild” card can be placed on any card at anytime and allows you to change the color to play.
  • “Wild Draw FOUR” card is a special wild card that allows you to change the color AND forces the next player to draw 4 cards. To use this card, you must have no alternative cards to play.
  • Don’t forget! Press the “1” button when you’ll have only one card left or you’ll pick 2 penalty cards!

To begin play, each player has 6 cards. When it’s your turn, match the center deck card by color or number, and play action cards to mix the game up. Be the first to get rid of all cards, but remember, don’t forget to press the “1” button when you have only one card left.

Have a blast!