Full Cup

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Game Description

Prepare to dive into an exhilarating adventure of physics-filled excitement in the game “Full Cup”! In this thrilling kids’ game, your mission is to master the art of launching a ball, bouncing it off platform surfaces, and skillfully landing it into the cup. With a limited arsenal of 5 balls, you’ll need to harness your inner physicist to make at least 3 of them find their cozy spot inside the cup to advance to the next level. But that’s not all – keep an eye out for the three gleaming stars on each level. Collecting all three stars will earn you a perfect round! “Full Cup” is the ultimate test of your understanding of physics and precision. Are you up for the challenge?

Game Instructions

To play a game of “Full Cup,” begin by clicking the red play arrow button. Next, choose from the available levels to dive into the action. Once the game loads, take charge by launching the ball – just click and drag, then release. Keep an eye on the indicator line that showcases the ball’s planned trajectory before releasing it into the wild. Your mission is to make the most out of 5 balls and aim to successfully land 3 of them into the cup. And don’t forget about the stars – there are three of them on each level; gather them all for a flawless round!