Grade 3 Games

Welcome to our third grade games page! Here, you’ll find a wide selection of age-appropriate online games that are perfect for third graders. Whether you’re looking for educational games or just some fun, you’ll find it here.

On this page, you’ll find a variety of games including math games, puzzle games, typing games, logic games and more. These games are designed to help kids learn and have fun at the same time.

Here are just a few of our favorite games that we think you’ll love:

Trezes Lines: Give your brain a workout with this fun physics game. Use your skills to navigate mazes and help a purple ball reach the end. Draw lines, teleport, and more to level up and conquer the challenges.

Word Cross: Put your brain to the test with the ultimate crossword puzzle game. Build words upon words and complete challenging puzzles to level up and take on new challenges.

Typing Jets: Improve your typing and keyboarding skills in a high-flying multiplayer game. Compete with friends as you fly through the sky, accurately and quickly typing given letters to win.

Math Battle: Exercise your math skills while battling with your favorite dinosaurs in this fun and engaging game. Get ready to take on math challenges and come out victorious!

All of the games on this page are free to play and are easy to access. They are perfect for kids who love online games and want to learn while having fun. So, have fun playing and learning at the same time!