Halloween Idle Fly

Game Description

Get ready for some spooky fun in “Halloween Idle Fly”! Guide your pumpkin friend upwards by tapping or clicking the screen, but be careful – gravity is always pulling you down! Your mission is to gather all the tasty Halloween candy to beat your highest score. Keep an eye out for bats flying around – can you react fast enough to dodge them? Test your speed and challenge yourself to see how far you can soar in this endlessly exciting game that you’ll want to play again and again!

Game Instructions

Playing “Halloween Idle Fly” is easy! Just tap or click on the screen to make your pumpkin friend fly up into the air. Keep tapping to keep flying, because gravity will pull you down! But watch out for the spooky bats flying around – if you hit one, you’ll have to start over. Your goal is to collect all the delicious Halloween candy to beat your highest score. So, keep soaring, avoid those bats, and see how many treats you can gather!