Let’s Park

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Game Description

Ready to test your driving skills? In this super challenging driving game, you must avoid obstacles and barriers in a busy parking lot and park your car perfectly in the parking space! Sounds easy, right? Get ready to park!

Game Instructions

Tap or click the “P” to begin. Choose your level. Your goal is to drive through the parking lot, following the arrows, and “park” in the green parking space. Be VERY careful not to bump a barrier or obstacle, as you only have 3 crash stars. Park in the green parking space. Once the light at the top righthand corner turns green, you’ve completed the level.
On your keyboard, use all arrows to move. Use UP to move forward, DOWN to move backward, and the LEFT/RIGHT keys to turn your wheels. On your mobile or tablet, tap the pedals to move forward and backward and the steering wheel to turn your wheels.
Good luck!