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Game Description

Mergis is a fun logic game where blocks are strategically stacked on top of one another with the goal of merging them down and scoring points. Pick a stacking lane carefully to earn points and clear the board.

Game Instructions

To play Mergis, press the “Tap to Continue” button. When the game begins, you will see will see two blocks with numbers in them at the top of the game board. The lower block is the next block you will play and the block above it will be played after it.

To begin, select one of four lanes to release the block into by tapping or clicking on the game. The block will fall to the bottom of the game board in the lane you selected. As the blocks stack on top of one another, blocks containing the same number will be merged into a new single block. The newly formed block will contain a number that is one higher than the number in either of the previously unmerged blocks.

A key strategy of the game is to ONLY stack blocks on top of one another if the upper block has the same number or a lower number than the block directly below it.

Enjoy and have fun!