Piggy Bank

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Game Description

Welcome to the whimsical world of ‘Piggy Bank’! In this delightful kids’ game, your mission is to fill up the piggy bank with a whopping 50 coins on each level. With a generous supply of 100 coins at your disposal, it’s your task to strategically position a set of movable platforms. These platforms will guide each coin’s descent as they’re released one by one from the top of the screen. To release a coin, simply click anywhere within the blue bar at the game’s top, and watch as it makes its journey towards the piggy bank. Success requires a keen understanding of physics and the ability to predict how the coins will bounce. Are you ready to take on the challenge and help the piggy bank grow?

Game Instructions

To play “Piggy Bank,” begin by clicking the yellow play button and select your preferred level. As the game loads, your task is to strategically arrange the movable platforms to create the perfect coin-catching setup. When you’re ready to release a coin, a simple tap within the blue bar at the top will set it free. Keep things rolling by continuing to release coins from the same spot if they gracefully find their way into the piggy bank. If you happen to miss the mark, don’t fret; simply fine-tune the positions of the movable platforms until you’ve got it just right. Your goal is to amass 50 coins in the piggy bank to unlock the next exciting level of this captivating challenge!