Popcorn Eater

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Game Description

Get ready to embark on a popcorn-popping adventure that will tickle your taste buds and test your skills. In this game “Popcorn Eater”, you’ll become a popcorn maestro as you tap or press your way to victory. Your mission? Send those popcorn kernels soaring out of the popcorn bucket and into the eagerly awaiting mouth of our hungry hero.

But hold on, it’s not all butter and rainbows! You’ll need to show precision and strategy, because if you let more than three precious popcorn kernels spill outside of the obstacle path, you’ll have to start the level all over again. Don’t let those tasty treats go to waste! With each level, the challenge gets more exciting as you master the art of popcorn propulsion. With every successful launch, you’ll inch closer to satisfying the cravings of our ravenous hero.


Game Instructions

To play “Popcorn Eater”, first press the play arrow button to begin. From there, proceed by selecting the next unlocked level. Once you’re in, tap or click to launch popcorn from the bucket. Your goal is to shoot the popcorn through the obstacles, ensuring each kernel reaches our hungry hero’s mouth. Keep feeding him until the ‘eat line’ is completely filled to progress. However, precision is key. If you happen to spill more than 3 kernels during the game, you’ll need to restart the level. Happy popping and feeding!