Run Dwooz Run

Game Description

Run Dwooz Run is a funny game, you have to change the color of the Dwooz based on the portals which will appear when he is running. You must match the color to that portal to successfully pass through. You will loose a life if you hit a wall, or if you pass a portal without the correct color. This funny Dwooz character is the popular mascot of which is now featured in his own game. You can slow down time in this game, the surroundings will slow down. You can activate this by pressing the left mouse button. You can collect items in this game by throwing balls at it using the W key. The Dwooz will keep running faster and faster. Well go ahead and play this funny game full of action!

Game Instructions

The object of the game is to score as many points as possible before losing all of your lives. You play as Dwooz and your goal is to change colors in order to match the colors of incoming portals. At various times throughout the game, scrolls will appear that can be collected by your throwing weapon. Your character has a limited amount of “stasis” which will slow donw objects in the game. Your stasis slowly regenerates over time.