Runner Games

Run fast and check out our fun selection of online Runner Games for kids! As long as you can avoid obstacles and danger along the way, these platform games continue on forever. These endless running games start of easy but quickly get harder with every passing second. As time goes by, the game gets faster and faster. There is no place to stop and rest. Do you have what it takes to live up the challenge? I think you’ve got this!

All of our games are kid friendly and fun for the whole family!

What are the best Runner Games?

It’s hard to pick our favorite runner games, but here are a few we love.

Indiara and the Gold is one of our all time favorites. Packed full of adventure, Indiara is in for the time of her life. Deep down in an ancient cave, this little adventurer must run fast and collect all the gold and precious jewels possible. There’s no time to rest because behind Indiara is a huge rolling boulder that just won’t stop. Whatever you do Indiara, run fast!!!

T-Rex Runner is another runner game at the top of our favorite list. This dinosaur adventure starts out slow, but it doesn’t stay that way for long. Soon enough, cacti and pterodactyls are zooming past Rexie at warp speed. Avoid obstacles to earn the highest score. Enjoy!