Spinny Maze Puzzle

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Game Description

Get ready for an awesome adventure in “Spinny Maze Puzzle”! You’ll guide a little ball through twisty mazes into the hole. But watch out for obstacles! You can spin the maze around to help the ball move. Each level is like a new puzzle to solve, so you’ll need to think fast and plan carefully. It’s super fun for kids of all ages! Ready to try? Let’s go maze exploring!

Game Instructions

To start playing “Spinny Maze Puzzle”, tap the green play button. Then, choose a level that you’d like to play. When the game starts, use the arrow keys on your computer or tap/click the sides of the puzzle to make it spin. Try spinning the puzzle to help the ball move through it. Your goal is to guide the ball into the hole. Once the ball is in the hole, you’ll move on to the next level. Have fun exploring the mazes!