Undersea Adventure Solitaire

Game Description

Fish like to play solitaire too! (even if the cards get soggy!) The goal of the game is to remove all three card pyramids to get to the next level! Brought to you by OfficeSpyGames

Game Instructions

Instructions: 1) Choose a card that is one higher or lower than your hand card. 2) An Ace counts as a one card lower then a 2 or one card higher than a King. 3) Clear the bottom two supporting cards to reveal the card above. 4) Clear all three pyramids to win the level. 5) You can also use the Wild Card button to clear any card. Extras: ▪ Time bonus! ▪ WildCard! ▪ Carrying your score to the next round! ▪ Fixed face card exploit! ▪ New sounds and music (“Watching Seabirds Soar” By DoKashiteru)!