Formula Rush

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Game Description

Formula Rush is a classic arcade-style open-wheeled race car game set in the big city. Players will compete on challenging racetracks of increasing difficulty. To advance to the next race, players must earn a 3rd place or better finish in the current race. Get ready to take on the best racing cars and experience the thrill of the competition!

Game Instructions

To get started playing Formula Rush, tap the large “play” arrow button to begin. Review the game instructions that are displayed, and then tap anywhere on the screen to begin.

The timer will count down starting at three. When timer strikes one, the race will begin! Press the up arrow key to accelerate and move forward. Press the down arrow key to brake. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer.

As you race around the track, do you best to avoid hitting other race cars. Try to keep you car on the track to reach maximum speed. Finish 3rd place or better to advance to the next race. Have fun!