Golf Pin

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Game Description

Dive into a world of vibrant colors, playful challenges, and exciting physics in “Golf Pin” – the ultimate kids’ game for budding golf enthusiasts and puzzle lovers alike! In this captivating adventure, your mission is to skillfully hit the golf ball into pins, releasing and guiding the colorful ball through a series of intricate obstacles and into the golf cup. But there’s a catch! Each pin must be removed in the correct order for you to advance and conquer the level. As you journey deeper into the game, prepare to face an array of engaging challenges including breakable glass walls and bouncy springs that will test your strategy and precision. The intuitive controls make game play a breeze: simply click, hold, drag, and release to determine the speed and angle of your golf ball shot. Every level promises a delightful blend of fun, strategy, and satisfaction. Are you ready to master the pins and become the ultimate Golf Pin champion?

Game Instructions

Starting ‘Golf Pin’ is a breeze! Just tap the play button and choose your preferred level. Once you’re in, click and hold on the screen, drag to set your angle, then release to send it flying towards the pin. Remember, the angle is key, so aim with precision to strike the target pin!