Rope Bawling 2

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Game Description

Introducing Rope Bawling 2, the thrilling sequel to the popular physics-based game where you knock down bowling pins using bowling balls attached to ropes! In this exciting new installment, you’ll encounter even more challenging obstacles and mind-bending puzzles to overcome.

Welcome to Rope Bawling 2, where you’ll face lasers, thorns, and chains that need to be destroyed, in addition to the bowling pins. To conquer the 100 unique levels, you’ll need to skillfully control gravity and make use of special fireballs to remove obstacle cubes that stand in your way. Navigate the powerful flow of air emerging from pipes to propel your bowling ball towards victory.

Each level presents a unique challenge, and you’ll need to use your intellect, precision, and reflexes to cut the rope and aim the ball. As you progress, you’ll encounter increasingly complex scenarios, requiring you to carefully strategize and time your actions perfectly.

Rope Bawling 2 is not only an exhilarating game but also an engaging physics-based learning experience. You’ll explore concepts like gravity, momentum, and the interaction of various objects while having a blast knocking down pins and overcoming obstacles.

Are you prepared to take on the thrilling challenges and become a Rope Bawling 2 master? Let’s play and see how many pins you can knock down in this action-packed sequel!

Game Instructions

To play Rope Bawling 2, follow these easy steps and enjoy the upgraded challenges and obstacles in this exciting sequel:

  1. Start by pressing the yellow “Play” arrow button on the game’s main screen.
  2. Select the next available level, and get ready for some rope-cutting action!

When the game loads, keep in mind the following tips and instructions:

  1. Cut the rope at the ideal moment by clicking and dragging across the rope with your mouse or finger, depending on your device.
  2. Destroy the chains by aiming the laser at them. To do this, carefully cut the rope to swing the bowling ball into their path.
  3. The ultimate goal is to knock down all of the bowling pins while overcoming various obstacles throughout each level.

Have a blast and good luck becoming a Rope Bawling 2 master!