Happy Filled Glass 4

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Game Description

Introducing “Happy Filled Glass 4,” the latest addition to our whimsical world of water wonders! In this fun physics-based puzzle game, your goal is simple yet challenging – fill the cup with water up to the marked line. Start  by drawing lines to direct the water to its destination and then click on the water source to start the flow. But beware, for the journey to the glass is filled with twists, turns, and mind-bending obstacles! Navigate through burning platforms, water-accelerating areas, rotating platforms, and even magnets. Utilize your virtual pencil to sketch the optimal way to guide the water. With numerous levels to conquer, each offering unique challenges, the fun never stops. Designed with kids in mind, this engaging and colorful game is perfect for players of all ages. Can you conquer the obstacles and fill the glass?

Game Instructions

To play “Happy Filled Glass 4”, begin by clicking or tapping the start button on the main menu. Browse through the levels and select the next available one to continue your watery adventure. When the game loads, you’ll see the water source and a cup waiting to be filled. Use your finger (on touch devices) or your mouse (on a computer) to draw a carefully crafted line that will guide the water into the cup. Consider the unique obstacles in each level, and be strategic with your line! Once you’re satisfied with your pathway, press and hold on the water source to release the water, watching it follow your guide. Your task is to fill the cup to the designated fill line, without spilling or wasting precious drops. Successfully fill the cup, and you’ll unlocking the next challenge. Are you ready to draw, pour, and explore?