Grid Blocks Puzzle

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Game Description

Grid Puzzle Blocks is a challenging puzzle game. The goal of the game is to place puzzle pieces onto the game grid and completely fill rows and columns. The more rows and columns you fill, the more points you earn. Have fun!

Game Instructions

To play Grid Blocks Puzzle, select the “Tap to Continue” button. When the game loads, begin by dragging a puzzle piece onto the grid. The goal of the game is to carefully place puzzle pieces onto the grid so that you completely fill rows and columns. When a row or column is filled, the blocks will clear and you will score points.

Sometimes you will need to rotate the shape in order to fit it on the game board. However, you can’t rotate the puzzle pieces, but you can rotate the puzzle itself! Tap on the arrow keys to rotate. You can also flip the puzzle horizontally and vertically.

There are two modes you can play: zen mode and regular mode. In zen mode, there are no time limits but you also can’t score points. In regular mode, you only have a limited amount of time in which to score points. The yellow bar located between the game grid and puzzle pieces indicates the amount of time remaining.